Affiliated To Dibrugarh University


Name of the faculty members :
Mrs. Neetima Sarmah (HOD), M.A., M.Phil. B.Ed., Email-Id - neetimasarma@gmail.com
Mrs. Sharmila Dutta Tamuly, M.A., Email-Id - sharmiladuttatamuli@gmail.com
Md. Aftabor Rohman, M.A., B.Ed., Email-Id - aftaburrahman120@gmail.com
Mr.Ankur Bora, M.A., Email-Id - ankurthanobora@gmail.com
We prepare one Wall Magazine every year named DHANSIRI. We organise two excursions : the first within Assam for the H.S. 2nd Year and 5th Sem Core as well as a
national excursion for the 4th Sem Major students
Semester I : Physical Geography
Semester II : Physical Geography
Semester III : Human and Population Geography, Practical
Semester IV : Regional Geography of India, Practical
Semester V : Economic Geography, Practical
Semester VI : Regional Geography of World, Practical
Major Semester : Title Code
Semester I : Introduction to Geography 101
Semester II : Geomorphology, Bio-geography and Oceanography 201
Semester III : Climatology 301, Practical 302, Environmental and Economic Geography 303, Practical
Semester IV : Human Geography 401, Practical (Population Study and Thematic Mapping) 402, Economic Geography 403,
Practical (Hyprometric and Bathymetric and Excursion Report) 404
Semester V : Regional Geography of India 501, Practical (Cartograms and Project Report) 502, Regional Geography of World 503,
Practical (Slope Analysis and Diagram) 504, Political Geography and Geo-political Issues 505, Practical (Political Geography and Regional Planning) 506,
Regional Planning and Social Geography 507, Cartograms and Quantitative Analysis and Network Analysis 508
Semester VI : Map Projection and Cartographic Method 601, Practical (Map Projection) 602, Regional Geography of India 603,
Practical (Interpretation of Satellite Imagery) 604, Regional Geography of World 605, Practical 606, Geographic Thoughts and Quantitative Methods 607, Practical (Surveying) 608

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