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The Golaghat Commerce College has formed a Research Committee with the following Members :
Dr. Jatindra Nath Saikia, Principal, Golaghat Commerce College as the Chairperson.
Dr. Rajeev Lochan Borah, Vice-Principal of the College as Vice-Chairperson.
Dr. Lachit Baruah, Associate Professor, Furkating College, Golaghat (Member)
Dr. Paban Baruah, Associate Professor, Debraj Roy College (Member)
Dr. Gakul Saikia, Associate Professor, Hema Prava Borbora Girls College, Golaghat (Member)
Dr. Hemanta Saikia, Assistant Professor, Debraj Roy College, Golaghat (Member)
Dr. Jibon Jyoti Kakoti, Associate Professor, Golaghat Commerce College (Member)
Dr. Pranjal Protim Dutta, Assistant Professor, Golaghat Commerce College (Member)
Dr. Karavi Devi, Assistant Professor, Golaghat Commerce College (Member)
Dr. Nabami Gogoi, Assistant Professor, Golaghat Commerce College (Member)
The Research Committee sits from time to time in order to discuss different matters relating to different research topics of teaching staff and to encourage the undergraduate students to get engaged in research works.
The Committee recommends different research topics for Major/ Minor Research Projects after verifying the project.
Every department of the college would be encouraged to visit different places in order to collect necessary information for preparing Project Works. The committee feels that the real life situation should be made known to the students and they should also be taught about the method of collecting data and preparing report out of the collected data.
The First meeting of the new Research Committee was held on 16th may, 2016.

Dr. Jatindra Nath Saikia
M.Com, M.A. (Eco), Ph. D.
Golaghat Commerce College

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